Course of Study


Workshop sessions combine lectures and informal exchanges in a group meeting with the aim of encouraging members to discuss their work and the craft of writing. Each participant is assigned to a workshop led by two faculty members. Workshops meet five times, on alternating days, to form the core of the 12-day program. Faculty members select portions of participants’ manuscripts, made available before the session begins, for consideration in the workshop setting. Writers also benefit from an hour-long individual meeting with a faculty member to discuss their manuscript in depth. Participants are encouraged to focus attention on the finished work they submitted for review and commentary rather than on developing new work. Participants may audit other workshops on days when their own workshops do not meet. 

Dan O’Brien and Paula VogelReadings by faculty, fellows, and guest writers are scheduled throughout the day. Professional actors will assist the playwriting workshop. Beth Blickers, theatre agent with APA, and Les Waters, artistic director of the Actors Theatre of Louisville, will meet with playwrights. Charles Martin, A.E. Stallings, and N.S. Thompson will offer a supplemental poetry translation workshop.