SWC Series with TK Podcast

In a series of conversations recorded at the 2018 Sewanee Writers’ Conference, James Scott sits down with SWC faculty and visiting editors and agents.

SWC 04: Christine Schutt & Emily Nemens

James Scott speaks with fiction faculty member Christine Schutt about her career from FLORIDA to her latest, PURE HOLLYWOOD. They cover a lot of books, and a lot of ground, from nerves about reading to insecurity about writing, in an honest and illuminating conversation. James Scott also chats with Emily Nemens, editor of the PARIS REVIEW. 

SWC 03: Randall Kenan & Anna Lena Phillips Bell

James Scott speaks with fiction faculty member Randall Kenan about the books that made Randall feel less alone when he was young, the art of writing about food, and the legacy of James Baldwin. James Scott also chats with Anna Lena Phillips Bell, editor at ECOTONE MAGAZINE.


SWC 02: Dan O’Brien, Beth Blickers, & Emily Shain

James Scott speaks with playwriting faculty member Dan O’Brien, theatre agent Beth Blickers, and actor Emily Shain. They discuss what draws them to work, how the written word earns its space, and the great value of surprise.


SWC 01: Maurice Manning & George David Clark

James Scott sits down with poetry faculty member Maurice Manning and editor-in-chief of 32 POEMS Magazine George David Clark. Maurice Manning talks about his latest collection, ONE MAN’S DARK, as well as a beautiful story about Claudia Emerson, challenging himself with each book, and how his poetry has changed.


Music courtesy of Bea Troxel from her album, THE WAY THAT IT FEELS.