Get to Know Editors and Agents

Liz Van Hoose and Kathy Pories

The editors, publishers, and agents who speak on our panels are also here, often for a few days, to meet with you, to talk, to sit down over lunch or dinner, to get to know you on a front porch. In this relaxed setting, perhaps more work gets done, more connections made, than might otherwise be the case. Jamie Quatro met her future editor, Elisabeth Schmitz from Grove Atlantic, at Sewanee. Andrew Malan Milward met his agent Renée Zuckerbrot here. Poet Greg Brownderville met Mike Levine from Northwestern University Press at Sewanee. The list goes on. In addition to the workshops, readings, and craft lectures, the Conference is also an opportunity for talented writers to meet editors and agents interested in their work.

Speer Morgan and Sam Fox