Improve Your Craft

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 At Sewanee, you are in the company of other writers devoted to their craft, Sharon and Jillindividuals who work hard on their own manuscripts and are committed to helping others as well. Our esteemed faculty members are generous teachers. As Jill McCorkle says, “I love a conference when I know whoever I am talking to is going to leave ignited and excited to get home and let the real work start.”

‌During the Conference, we begin and end our days with readings. Morning craft lectures lend inspiration to afternoon workshops led by two faculty members. Each writer also benefits from an hour-long individual meeting with a faculty member to discuss their manuscript in depth.Mary Jo Salter “The quality of the instruction in the workshops,” Jamie Quatro said, “the quality of the work from the fellow workshop members, is unsurpassed.”

‌Poet Rebecca Foust would agree. “Workshop with Daniel Anderson and Mary Jo Salter sets the standard by which I’ll measure workshops going forward. Ego was not part of the equation, just thorough preparation, close attention, and comments that were honest and constructive but never unkind.”