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I met people who inspired me, who enlarged my sense of what is possible, and above all, I met writers who became my friends. – James Arthur


Writing can be lonely, staring at a screen. In a recent craft lecture Alice McDermott gave at Sewanee, she advised, “Only connect.” Writers do this on the page, but it also helps to gather and learn together. As Claire Vaye Watkins said, “It’s such comfort to connect with other writers. I know of few other gatherings where I feel less alien, less an esoteric weirdo, less an indulgent hermit. Ours is a famously isolating calling, and Sewanee offers salve to that. There you’re with your own, people observant and offbeat, neurotic, dreamy, and brave. There you share meals and readings and lectures and walks in the woods and coffeeshop chats and cocktail hours and late-night jam sessions with your kin, reinforced not just by their work but by their company.”

 “The men and women you spend your time with at Sewanee,” poet George David Clark said, “are authors you’ll be reading for the rest of your life, and for 12 days each and every one of you commits to investing in the life and work of the others. Joining the Sewanee community isn’t only a great honor and pleasure; it’s a fellowship that sustains you long after the end of the Conference.”