Virtual SWC Reading Series

As part of our new SWC Reading Series, we'll be hosting Fourth Thursday Readings, featuring SWC alumni. Please join us online Aug. 27 at 8pm EST for our first reading featuring Matthew Baker, Tiana Clark, Lee Conell, and Kate Reed Petty. The event is free. Register today!

More Upcoming SWC Reading Series Events

Mark Jarman (The Heronry, poetry) and Sidney Wade (Deep Gossip, poetry)
Sept. 3, 2020, 8PM EST Register

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum (Likes, fiction) and Margot Livesey (The Boy in the Field, fiction)
Sept. 15, 2020, 8PM EST Register

Fourth Thursday SWC Reading Series: Laura van den Berg (I Hold a Wolf by the Ears, fiction), Emily Nemens (The Cactus League, fiction), and more TK
Sept. 24, 2020, 8PM EST Register

Fourth Thursday SWC Reading Series: Eduardo Corral (Guillotine, poetry), Laura Donnelly (Midwest Gothic, poetry), Charlotte Pence (Code, poetry), and Cherene Sherrard (Grimoire, poetry)
Oct. 22, 2020, 8PM EST Register

SWC Reading Series with University of Cincinnati, Poetry Reading: Lisa Ampleman, Jennifer Habel, Aditi Machado, and Felicia Zamora
Oct. 29, 2020, 8PM EST Register

Thursday SWC Reading Series: Simon Han (Nights When Nothing Happened, fiction), M. O. Walsh (The Big Door Prize, fiction), and more TK
Nov. 19, 2020, 8PM EST Register